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America’s Premier Locksmith & Roadside Assistance Company

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Who We Are:

  • Emergency Locksmith: Car Unlock Service
  • Emergency Locksmith: House Unlock Service
  • Automotive Battery Jump Service
  • Automotive Battery Testing Service
  • Automotive Battery Installation Service
  • Automotive Battery Delivery Service
  • Flat Tire Change & Flat Tire Inflation Service 
  • Emergency Gas Delivery Service
  • Towing Referral Service
  • A Proud Parent Company of Campus Roadside 
  • ASM Service (Accident Scene Management Service)
  • A 24/7 "On Demand" Service
  • America's Premier Lockout and Roadside Assistance Company

Why Choose Just Jump USA:

  • 24/7 On Demand Service
  • Track the location and estimated time of arrival of your technician.
  • Free Sunshade or Air Freshener With Each Service.
  • Company Sponsored Campus Programs Available 
  • If eligible; costs are reimbursable by your auto club membership, car insurance,or other roadside assistance program.
  • No Membership Plans Required.
  • Lower Service Rates Compared To Any Insurance or  Membership Program!
  • Company Targeted Estimated Time of Arrival: Under 25 minutes.
  • Uniformed Technicians.

Services & Rates

You may be required to pay for service over the phone at the time of your service request. Service requests are non-refundable once placed. Please retain your emailed receipt for your records. Your insurance company, warranty, or road membership may reimburse you the costs of today's service; should you be eligible.


America's Premier Locksmith & Roadside Assistance Company

Additional Services

dead car battery getting a jump start

We recommend that immediately after we provide you with a battery jump start service, you take your vehicle to a reputable automotive mechanic for a battery or electrical system diagnostic. A car not starting can be the beginning symptom of a much bigger mechanical issue. Some common causes of a car not starting can be:

  • A dead car battery
  • A failing alternator
  • A bad fuel pump
  • A bad starter
  • A bad fuse
  • A PCM issue

Locksmith keys on key chains

We'll help you locate a secondary locksmith nearby, who can help you with any additional locksmith service that you may need such as making a spare key, installing a lock on a home or car, and lock troubleshooting. We typically help you find a secondary local locksmith free of charge, in the event that you need service that is in excess of what we offer through our roadside assistance or emergency locksmith service.

We only recommend reliable and reputable locksmiths nearby that can provide you assistance with home and car key duplication, key cutting for cars and homes, key programming, and other non-emergency locksmith service.

Tow truck towing car

If your car does not start even after we have jump started your cars battery, you will likely need a tow service. Battery jump start services can fail when there is a bigger issue like a failing alternator, a bad starter, or even a PCM control module. We recommend having your vehicle towed to the nearest mechanic immediately after a failed battery jump start service. 

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P.O. Box 5646 Tallahassee, Florida 32314

Tallahassee (HQ) (850) 629-8569 OR Call Us Toll Free (866) 221-3983


Although we’re generally open for roadside assistance and emergency locksmith services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; we may occasionally close for holidays, inclement weather, training, and system maintenance; usually overnight.


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