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Welcome To Just Jump! A Proud Parent Company of The Campus Roadside Program

Just Jump is a premier roadside assistance, locksmith, and safety network headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida. We provide motorists with common roadside assistance, locksmith, and safety services, such as Battery Jump Starts, Tire Changes, Car Door Unlocking, and Emergency Fuel Delivery. Our services are available to motorists at no membership obligations. Our affordable service rates start at just $10! Our Just Jump customers save hundreds of dollars on memberships that cost a lot, but limit the amount of service they’re able to use annually. So the next time you need a rescue, Don’t Panic... Just Jump!

#NoMemberships #Just Great Rates


#Don’t Panic...#Just Jump

For most insurance, warranty, and towing memberships, customers are only allowed a total of 3 to 4 service calls a year, before you’re charged a hefty out of pocket fee; oftentimes more than the membership itself! Our services are designed around helping motorists get affordable everyday services, at no membership obligations, saving you time and money; and allowing you to save your valuable annual towing occurrences! #SaveTheTow #SaveTheMembership #JustJump

Just Jump is the original pioneer of the Campus Roadside program. The Campus Roadside program is designed to aid common campus communities, by creating safe and convenient commuting environments for their commuters and their visitors; at free or reduced rates.

Need A Rescue? Don’t Panic... Just Jump! #DitchTheMembership

Our Actual Customer Feedback - Updated Frequently

Flat Tire Change - Subaru outback

"I have no complaints. Fast service" - Yvonne


Car Door Unlocking - Chevrolet Silverado

"No notes, super quick response. The man that was sent did a good job, was very nice, and definitely no complaints on the costs." - Craig


Flat Tire Change - Toyota Sienna

"No improvement necessary, technician was very professional and courteous. Give him a raise!" - T. Ziko


Dead Battery Jump Start - Toyota Camry

"It was exactly what I needed, great service, fast response." - Madelyn


Car Door Unlocking - Chevrolet Impala

"It was very quick, less than 5 minutes, awesome experience." - Patricia


Car Door Unlocking - Ford Explorer

"How do you improve perfection?" - Susan



need a roadside rescue? Don't have a whole lot of cash, time, or patience? don't panic, just jump!

Common Questions

How long will it take for a technician to get here? 

After we've received your roadside assistance or emergency locksmith request, your call goes into our service queue. Once you’re next in the queue and a technician is in route to your location, you will receive a text message with an interactive tracking map. The map will display the technicians location and will show you a live estimated time of arrival that will count downwards as the technician drives to your location. If you have not received a tracking link yet, that means our technicians are assisting customers that were ahead of you in the service queue. Please be patient and try to resist the temptation of calling back in to check an estimated time of arrival. Your technician may be on another job.

Can you offer assistance with towing?

Aside from emergency locksmith and roadside assistance; we can assist you with locating an affordable towing service in Tallahassee and surrounding areas. 

A proud partner of Florida state university

roadside rescue & safety services for motorists

Convenient and Accessible

We service anyone no matter where you are located in Tallahassee and surrounding areas. 

Want to save the most money on an emergency locksmith or roadside assistance?

 It’s time to Just Jump!

Don’t Want To Pay For A Membership You Can’t Use As Much As You’d Like? Just Jump!

Don’t Want To Wait On Your Insurance Company This Time? 

Just Jump!

Don't Have Membership or Insurance Coverage At All?

Just Jump!

Pay only when you need service!

Don't Panic, Just Jump!

Car & Home Lockout / Locksmith Services

Car Lockouts are a roadside assistance thing!

The next time you are locked out of your car and want to find a locksmith in Tallahassee or a surrounding area; Don‘t  Panic, Just Jump!

Our emergency locksmith services cover unlocking most car doors and even some houses. 

Our roadside assistance and car locksmith services are the perfect budget friendly solution for someone looking for a house unlocking and car unlocking service. 

Affordable Rates

Yes, it's true what you heard. We have got the best prices in Tallahassee and surrounding areas. We are the first to offer price matching on all roadside assistance and emergency locksmith services. We're the only company  to offer a price matching guarantee.

The next time you're locked out, and are thinking of calling a full service locksmith, 

Just Jump! 

If you're stranded with a flat tire, need a battery jump start, an emergency shuttle, or ran out of gas; 

Don't Panic, Just Jump!

additional services

Automotive mechanical services

dead car battery getting a jump start

When customers can’t figure out what to do after we've serviced their vehicle, that becomes a problem. That's why we've went beyond our roadside duties by making partnerships with mechanics and tow wreckers in our area  to offer you full and reliable mechanic services. We recommend that immediately after receiving a battery jump start, you take your vehicle to a mechanic for a diagnostic. a dead car battery can be the beginning symptom of a much bigger mechanical issue. 

locksmith services

Locksmith keys on key chains

We can help you with locating a full service locksmith who can help you with additional locksmith services that you may need such as making a spare key, installing a lock on a home or car, and lock troubleshooting. We will help you find a locksmith free of charge in the event that you need service in excess of what our roadside assistance or lockout services offer.

Customers can contact us to get connected to local locksmiths in Tallahassee and surrounding areas that can provide assistance with key duplication, key cutting for cars and homes, key programming, and other locksmith services.  

Wrecker & Towing Services

Tow truck towing car

Need to locate an affordable towing service in Tallahassee? We have partnerships with towing companies in our area  to help customers get connected with affordable towing services. Towing service is ideal in the event that a battery jump start attempt from a Just Jump roadside assistance technician fails. Car Battery Jump Starts can fail when  there is a bigger issue like the car's alternator, starter, or even the PCM control module. We recommend having your vehicle towed to the nearest mechanic immediately after a failed battery jump start. 

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Although we’re generally open for roadside assistance and emergency locksmith services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; we may occasionally close for holidays, inclement weather, training, and system maintenance; usually overnight.

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