Immediate payment is required at the time you request your roadside assistance. Payment will be processed securely over the phone by a dispatcher at the time you request your service . Service technicians should not request or demand any personal payment information from you upon their arrival. Technicians are not authorized or permitted to give any service quotes, up-charge, or handle any of your personal debit/credit/cash app information. House unlocks should be handled directly by a manager and payment on arrival may be accepted under limited conditions. Please report any technician misconduct immediately to "" A cancellation fee up to the full cost of service may apply once your charge has been processed. Please retain your emailed receipt for your records. Your insurance company, warranty, or road membership may reimburse you the costs of today's service; should you be eligible.

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mobile flat tire service

Jump Quick!

Jump Quick!

Jump Quick!

 When To Call Just Jump USA for a Jump Start Service:

  • Vehicle appears to have no power and will likely need a jump start.
  • Vehicle has a little bit of power, but won't crank or start up.
  • Vehicle won't start with jumper cables. (We do not recommend using jumper cables to jump start a vehicle at all.)
  • Vehicle is very slow to start up.
  • Lights or other accessories may have been left on and drained the car battery.
  • Car has not been driven for a while leading to the battery becoming depleted. 
  • Vehicle or battery appears to be emitting a rotten egg smell. 
  • Your unsure of what's causing your car not to start and would like to know if the battery or minor electrical system components may be playing a part in the issue. 

girl locked out of car

Jump Fast!

Jump Quick!

Jump Quick!

What does it mean to pop a lock? Simple. It means unlocking a car or house without the means of traditional expensive key cutting, key programming, and key duplication services. We pop more car locks in a day than most full service locksmiths do in a week. This is because our car door unlocking services are not only affordable, quick, and more reliable than most traditional locksmith companies, but also because our car door and house unlock services are available at no membership obligations. 

Our average rate for car door and house door unlocking service is usually 30 to 35% less than what you would pay if you called a full service traditional locksmith company. In addition, since we provide car and house unlock service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, you can always save money by calling us around the clock.

car running out of gas

Just Jump!

Jump Quick!

Just Jump!

Just Jump. Service has never been much simpler.  We believe in providing reliable everyday roadside services to people who need it the most, everyone! 

We can assist you with:

  • Unlocking your car when your keys are locked inside.
  • Replacing your car's flat tire with your fully inflated spare tire.
  • Inflating your car's flat tire with air.
  • Providing you a professional jump start service for  your car's dead battery when it won't crank or turn over.
  • Delivering gas when you accidentally run out on the road or a highway.
  • Installing a new car battery to replace a dead one.
  • Troubleshooting your car's battery related startup issues.
  • Providing you affordable roadside locksmith and roadside assistance services.

Additional Services

dead car battery getting a jump start

We recommend that immediately after we provide you with a battery jump start service, you take your vehicle to a reputable automotive mechanic for a battery or electrical system diagnostic. A car not starting can be the beginning symptom of a much bigger mechanical issue. Some common causes of a car not starting can be:

  • A dead car battery
  • A failing alternator
  • A bad fuel pump
  • A bad starter
  • A bad fuse
  • A PCM issue

Locksmith keys on key chains

We'll help you locate a secondary locksmith nearby, who can help you with any additional locksmith service that you may need such as making a spare key, installing a lock on a home or car, and lock troubleshooting. We typically help you find a secondary local locksmith free of charge, in the event that you need service that is in excess of what we offer through our roadside assistance or emergency locksmith service.

We only recommend reliable and reputable locksmiths nearby that can provide you assistance with home and car key duplication, key cutting for cars and homes, key programming, and other non-emergency locksmith service.

Tow truck towing car

If your car does not start even after we have jump started your cars battery, you will likely need a tow service. Battery jump start services can fail when there is a bigger issue like a failing alternator, a bad starter, or even a PCM control module. We recommend having your vehicle towed to the nearest mechanic immediately after a failed battery jump start service.