Terms & Conditions

General Company Policies

CURRENT PROMOTIONS: $5 Off service valid for service requests placed through online dispatch only. Calling into our dispatch center will void online discount eligibility. Additional terms and conditions apply.

RATE CALCULATIONS: Similar to popular on demand services like Lyft and Uber, our rates for service are variable service rates. Your final rate will include our corporate base rate, which varies depending on the service you request, plus a fixed market adjustment differential, based on your specific city and state, or a specific Just Jump USA licensee location. Click here to start a service request.

Corporate Base Rates:

  • Battery Jump Start Service Rates May Vary
  • Flat Tire Air Service Rates May Vary
  • Flat Tire Change Service (Spare Tire Installation) Rates May Vary
  • Car Door Unlock Service Rates May Vary
  • House Unlock Service Rates May Vary
  • Battery Installation Service Rates May Vary

Market Adjustment Fee:

  • Our market adjustment fee is a mandatory differential fee based on various market conditions and market indicators, as well as specific Just Jump USA locations. This fee is a fixed fee which currently ranges from $5.05 up to $22.95, exclusively dependent on your specific city and state. This fee will be added to your base rate at the time you request service. To find out the current market adjustment fee for your specific city and state, visit www.justjumpusa.com/yourcity  or call Just Jump USA toll free at (866) 221-3983.

Your final rate will also include any applicable promotions, overnight fees, mileage fees, wait time fees, return fees, or general company or licensee surcharges, when applicable. Fees like this may or may not apply to your specific service request. Detailed descriptions of these fees and when they are charged can be found below. 

  • Overnight Fee (6p.m. until 6a.m.)
  • Mileage (May apply if your service location is located outside of a specific Just Jump USA operational radius.)
  • Wait Time (Our technician has arrived, but you are not yet present or ready to receive service, thus causing a delay in the servicing of other customers.)
  • Return Fee (You weren’t present when service initially arrived, so we had to leave and return.)
  • Priority Flag (General Company or Licensee Surcharge.)
  • Cancellation Fee (A fee imposed on all canceled service requests. See "Payment Policies" below. )

PAYMENT POLICIES:  Payments are processed over the phone by a dispatcher or manager at the time you request service with us. Payments must be fully processed before we assign a technician to your service request. Our service technicians do not have our authorization to process or handle any of your personal payment information. Processing and handling your personal payment information is not a part of their assigned job description and is against our policies. Our service technicians should not request or demand any personal payment information from you before, during, or after completing any service request, unless expressly approved in advance by an area manager or lead dispatcher. Collecting or attempting to collect customer payment information while on site at a job is not common and goes against our company policies. This type of behavior should be treated as technician misconduct. The only exception to this policy is when inaccurate or inadequate information was provided during the dispatching process and an on site rate correction is needed. Thus, on site rate correction(s) will be overseen directly by an area manager or a lead dispatcher, not a service technician. All phone calls from a Just Jump USA dispatcher will be from a Just Jump USA toll free or local phone number, all of which are listed on our website. Dispatchers should not contact customers or attempt to handle any customer payment information from a personal or unlisted phone number. In addition, Just Jump USA dispatchers and technicians are required to identify themselves upon request, with both their first name and their 5 digit employee ID. House unlocks should be handled directly by a manager and payment on-site may be accepted under limited conditions. Please report technician or dispatcher misconduct immediately to "mgmt@justjumpusa.com" or call our corporate headquarters at (850) 629-8569. After your service has been completed, your full service invoice will be available immediately and can be requested by emailing us at billing@justjumpusa.com. Your final invoice will have pertinent information regarding the service that was requested and specific details about the parameters in which the service was performed. We encourage you to retain your receipt for possible reimbursements from your insurance company or roadside assistance membership; if eligible. A cancellation fee up to the full cost of service may apply once your charge has been processed. This policy is strictly enforced and deliberately encourages you to try all of your other service options before placing any service requests with us. Placing service requests that are cancelled shortly after creates a delay in the servicing of our other customers, causes an interruption in the flow of our strategic dispatching processes, and ultimately causes irreparable damage. Please be considerate of the extensive costs we incur by dispatching futile service requests. 

CASH APP POLICIES: For Just Jump USA locations that accept cash app as a form of payment, we will initiate a merchant cash app request from "$JustJumpUSA" once a service request has been received by us. Cash App payments made to Just Jump USA are subject to our verification and consumer fraud policies. Cash App requests from our billing team will have a unique reference number in the "For" section, which should correspond to the Job Identifier that was included in the confirmation text you received from Just Jump USA when your service request was initially placed. You must fully approve our cash app request before a technician can be assigned to your service request. Do not attempt to send unsolicited funds or submit a manual cash app payment for a pending service on your own. All cash app payments will be initiated by "$JustJumpUSA" and will appear in your cash app as a merchant request that you may then accept upon receipt. Unsolicited funds that were not directly initiated or requested by us will be rejected. The sole and official merchant username for Just Jump USA's "Cash App Billing Services" is "$JustJumpUSA

REFUNDS POLICY: We only provide refunds for service under limited circumstances. Refunds will typically not be issued for:

  • Battery Jump Start Services (If a battery jump start service has been provided and it's been determined that the vehicle is not actually in need of  a jump start service, we won't be able to offer a refund, assuming that the battery jump service was provided to you, and in accordance to our company standards). If a technician provides an unsuccessful battery jump start service that's later deemed to be a technician error, a refund may be issued at our discretion.
  • Tire Services: Incorrect or Inadequate Information (We will charge a cancellation fee up to the full cost of service in the event you provide inadequate or incorrect information. This includes failing to disclose the absence of a spare tire, failing to disclose that an attempt has already been made to self service the vehicle and in result the vehicle may be damaged, failing to disclose an unusable spare tire, etc.)
  • Gas Delivery Service (In the event of a cancelled fuel delivery service, a refund may be issued for fuel costs, but a cancellation fee up to the full cost of service may apply for the service. We will not offer any refund in the event that you provide incorrect information such as wrong fuel type, wrong location, etc. Just Jump USA delivers up to 2.5 gallons of emergency fuel. We cannot offer a refund in the rare and uncommon event that the fuel delivered is inadequate.)
  • Car Unlock Service (We encourage you to try all other options or competitors before contacting Just Jump USA. We will charge you a cancellation fee up to the full cost of service in the event you are not present at your vehicle and can't be reached, you're being assisted by another locksmith company that you may have called before contacting us, changed your mind (found a spare key, broke a window, etc.), or any other reason. If you requested service from another locksmith and then contacted us due to our rates being significantly lower, the first locksmith taking too long to arrive, the first locksmith not answering the phone, or any other reason; we encourage you to re-contact the first locksmith to fully cancel that service before requesting any service from us: you will be charged a full cancellation fee should we arrive and you are being assisted by another company that "finally showed up," or any other reason.
  • Home Unlock Service: We will issue a partial refund in the event that your home cannot be unlocked, assuming that no misinformation was provided by the you.

TRACKING THE STATUS OF YOUR SERVICE REQUEST: When your service request has been received by us, you will receive a confirmation text and 7 digit Job ID number at the phone number you provided. Once a technician is in route to your location, you will receive a follow up text notifying you that your technician is now in route and giving you access to our online portal, where you can track the live location and exact arrival time of your technician. After your service has been completed, you'll be able to provide feedback on your experience. 

Note: If you need to correct or make updates to your service location at any time, you can do so by replying to any of our automated texts with the number "1". You will immediately receive a website link that you can click in order to correct or make updates to your service address.

AUTHORIZATION & DUTY OF CARE: In compliance with legal regulations, we exercise strict due diligence while performing our general service operations. We require your state issued identification for any person authorizing us to perform service. A time and location stamped photo ID is automatically uploaded to your invoice to both identify and document the party giving us authority to perform the service requested. We also require our technicians to document the parameters of the service rendered and the specific details of the authority given. This may be documented by recording your Vehicle Identification Number, License Plate Number, and other pertinent identifying information. This information is required in order to receive any type of service from Just Jump USA. For service requests that was placed through insurance, additional information may be required by your insurance company or motor club, such as policy numbers and car insurance cards or specific odometer readings.

SERVICE WAIVER: I, (as shown in photo ID), certify that I'm an owner/authorized party responsible for the vehicle (as shown in photos) or property described and hereby authorize Just Jump LLC to perform service on the vehicle or home as described. I agree to pay the total amount quoted plus any additional fees, using an acceptable form of payment (refer to justjumpusa.com). I agree to release, indemnify, and hold harmless Just Jump LLC and its employees from liability for any claims or damages of any kind or description that may arise from any services performed, even if caused by negligence of Just Jump LLC, its employees, or agents. I have been informed of the possible risks involved with accepting the service I have requested. If I am receiving services under a Just Jump LLC partnership, I understand that I am voluntarily accepting this service and I understand the risks I am solely assuming by doing so. I agree to release, indemnify, and hold harmless the partnered or advertising entity and its employees from liability for any claims or damages of any kind or description that may arise from any services performed, even if caused by negligence of either entity, their employees, or agents. I accept this work as satisfactory and I acknowledge that the vehicle/home has been left in good or fair condition. I acknowledge that all of the information contained within this invoice; including but not limited to my drivers license photo, license plate, vin number, and other details pertaining to this invoice are the sole property of Just Jump LLC.  I assume complete responsibility for any damages that occur or have occurred due to pre-existing conditions. I understand that fraudulent card charge backs and all card disputes are investigated thoroughly by both Just Jump LLC and my financial institution. In the event that consumer fraudulent activity has occurred, including theft of services, theft by deception, or any other fraud related activity, I understand that Just Jump LLC will indefinitely notify law enforcement and my financial institution; and ultimately seek prosecution to the full extent of the law and financial restitution for all damages sustained.