100% of students, faculty, and staff on TCC’s Campus are commuters in some way, shape, or form. We took that into consideration when we started both our company and our programs for student motorists.

We’re the first and only company to make it a mission that students and other motorists in these heavy commuting environments have access to either free or affordable roadside assistance and safety services. We strongly believe that services like ours are a critical resource in environments like these. 

That’s why Campus Roadside, a division of Just Jump, offers guaranteed rates for motorists needing battery jump starts, tire changes, car door unlocking, and fuel delivery on the Tallahassee Community College Campus. Motorists can expect to pay guaranteed stationary rates for services, free of surge pricing. 

Note: This promotional program is offered and administered by Campus Roadside. Tallahassee Community College is not currently a sponsor or affiliate of this program. Motorists are encouraged to contact TCC police prior to requesting service from Campus Roadside, to determine if the service requested may be free through campus police. By accepting service under this program, you are doing so voluntarily.