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Just Jump USA: A National Brand of Experts

Just Jump USA started its formal launch in January of 2018. Since our original inception, Just Jump has become a nationally recognized brand in Driver Assistance Services, especially battery jump start services. Consumers buy into the Just Jump USA brand because our brand is one that they like, trust, and respect. 

About The Just Jump USA Brand

Our brand of driver assistance services are unique to our specific brand due to several key factors: Convenience, Costs, and Customer Service. Occasionally, we get asked the question of "Is Just Jump USA kinda like AAA," and we say "nope, the opposite."

After taking a quick look at these comparison bullets, you'll be able to tell why and how we differ from our competitors:

  • No Membership Requirements: Simple enough, Just Jump USA never requires that a customer have a "membership" in order to receive service.  

  • Affordability: When you become a Just Jump USA licensee, you'll quickly learn that strategic pricing is a major key in operating a successful Just Jump USA location. Our customers choose our brand over competitors because they know that our pricing is always transparent, fair, and packed with value. In most cases, our rates for service are usually between 40 and 50% less than national competitors such as AAA, AllState, and Roadside Assistance. Furthermore, our service rates are usually 20 to 60% less than competitors are on a local level, depending on the specific market.

  • No Limits: We'll let you in on the most known-unknown secret in the industry (yes, you read that right). 99.9% of roadside assistance memberships, including ones through insurance, have limits. Most, if not all programs, such as the ones offered by AAA, only allow for 3 to 4 service requests per year. After you've reached this limit, you'll have to pay out of pocket for each additional request, and the price per additional service won't be pretty. Due to Just Jump USA's strategic affordability, many customers are more willing to pay for service through Just Jump USA anytime they need basic services such as jump starts, car unlocks, gas deliveries, and flat tire services. This allows consumers to save their remaining benefits that they have through their existing program for critical emergencies such as major mechanical failures requiring towing, winching, etc. 

  • Just Jump USA Club: Instead of punishing consumers who "use our services too much," like our competitors do, we often reward our consumers the more they use our services. Through our Just Jump USA Savings program, consumers can sign up through our website to receive exclusive discounts on services through the use of online promotional codes.

  • Service Offerings: Although some of our licensee's offer towing services as  a premium service in their locations, Just Jump USA traditionally does not offer towing services. In fact, our brand boasts non-towing services for one major reason; it's not the most commonly requested service. A lot of consumers appreciate that Just Jump USA is usually 10 times quicker than their insurance company or traditional towing companies, but they can't put their finger on why. Well, the secret's out the bag. It's because our one of a kind branded service vehicles (like the one pictured) are speedily going from customer A to customer B, and then directly to customer C and so on. Whereas, a traditional tow truck who does both towing and basic services, still must go from customer A pickup, to customer A drop off, before he can get to customer B, who just needs a simple jump start service. Due to our focused service offerings and one of a kind branded service vehicles, we're able to service customers much quicker than traditional roadside assistance companies.

  • Attitude: There's a lot of differences that the Just Jump USA brand packs when compared to other companies, but there is one major factor that distinguishes our brand and causes customers to continue to buy into our brand; it's our attitude. Our brand represents a national team of experts with the united attitude to assist, consider, and deliver exceptional service to consumers. 

Just Jump USA Licensee Program

As a family owned brand with a passion for people and entrepreneurship, we realized that we were in a position to expand our vision while empowering others to take charge of their finances, leadership, and purpose. Our licensee program is a program that allows entrepreneurs to own and operate their own company under the Just Jump USA brand. As a nationally ranked brand, our licensee's are able to take advantage of our existing customer flows generated by Just Jump USA's Corporate Operations, aggressive national and local marketing campaigns designed at growing the Just Jump USA brand, comprehensive brand support designed to grow markets and increase revenues generated behind the Just Jump USA brand, and access to exclusive resources through our network of suppliers. 


In order to operate a  Just Jump USA branded company in your area, you must meet at minimum the following criteria:

  • GED/High School Diploma
  • Formed or have plans to form an LLC, Partnership, or Sole Proprietorship, duly recognized as such in your specific state.
  • Ability to pass a criminal background investigation.
  • Ability to pass a Just Jump USA Licensee qualification phone screening.
  • Minimum 640 FICO Credit Score
  • Submitted an official application to become a Licensee including business owners resume'.
  • Submitted non-refundable $400.00 application fee.

In addition, Licensee's must have at minimum one of the following:

  • 2 Years of Professional Sales Experience
  • 2 Years of Management Experience
  • 2 Years of Truck Driver Experience
  • 2 Years of Verifiable Self Employment Experience 
  • 2 Years of  Military Experience
  • Bachelors Degree
  • Associate's Degree


Just Jump USA licensee's are granted an exclusive license to operate under our national brand within a specified territory. When you become a Just Jump Licensee, you're not operating a Just Jump "franchise," nor are you subject to the provisions in which traditional franchisees face such as profit royalties, micromanagement, and minimum gross requirements. This affords our licensee's the ability to maximize net profits and minimize interference from Corporate entities. As a family owned national brand, we believe in investing in individuals and changing the lives of others for the better. This is reflective through our licensee fees and our driver assistance brand as a conglomerate. 

Non-refundable Application Fee: $400.00

Monthly Licensing Royalty: $209.37 + Territory Adjustment Fee  

Quarterly Differential  Fee: $571.89 

Suppliers Fees (Purchases Made Through Just Jump USA):  

Bona Fide Whole Sale Price (0% Markup + Reasonable Handling Costs)

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