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We're America's flagship car battery jump start company. We provide America's leading car battery jump start services at competitive rates.  Whether you're in need of a professional jump start service or a full battery diagnostic and trouble shooting service, we promise that you will be completely satisfied with our work and our consumer friendly rates. Since battery jump start service is our flagship service, our technicians are indisputably America's car battery jump start experts. We  professionally jump start your dead car battery and provide a battery voltage test when your car won't start. We use special company tested methods and strictly proven guided procedures to jump start your cars dead battery. We never use, carry, or recommend using  jumper cables to jump start a dead car battery. Our method of jump starting your cars battery has a 100% success rate, when the car battery is the underlying cause of the car not starting.

  • Battery Installation Services: Got a brand new battery and ready to have it installed at your vehicle's disablement location? We can install your new car battery for an affordable installation fee. 
  • Battery Delivery and Installation Services: Need a new car battery? We can sell, deliver, and install your new car battery at your vehicle's disablement location. All of our new car batteries come with a free minimum 24 month replacement warranty. 


About Our Jump Start Service

America's Jump Start Service Experts

When you need a car jump start service from America's leading car jump experts, you can call us 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. To take advantage of our online incentives and enjoy a faster overall experience, we encourage you to Instantly Request Service Online. 

Give us a call or instantly request service online when:

  • Your vehicle appears to have no power and will likely need a jump start.

We'll test your vehicle's battery and other electrical components to determine if the battery is likely the underlying cause of your vehicle not starting.   

  • Your vehicle appears to have enough power to turn on accessories, but won't crank or start up.

Your vehicle's battery output should measure a specific rating in order for your vehicle to successfully start on ignition. A professional jump start technician will be able to determine if your vehicle's battery is at appropriate cranking levels. It's extremely important that you call a professional before attempting to jump start a vehicle on your own. Vehicle's that show signs of power may be holding existing voltage that can result in a blown PCM,  blown fuse box, or other pertinent vehicle components. The risk for blown components, future damages, and fire increases when you attempt to jump start your vehicle using jumper cables. This can result in expensive and harmful damages to both your vehicle and the hosting vehicle! 

  • Your vehicle won't start with jumper cables. 

We never utilize, nor do we condone the utilization of "Jumper Cables" to jump start your vehicle. Contrary to popular belief, when you attempt to use jumper cables to jump start a vehicle, you're not just connecting a dead battery to a live battery; you're connecting an entire electrical system to an entirely foreign electrical system. Your car's actual battery is connected directly to extremely sensitive and vehicle specific electrical components within a broader system. These items include the starter battery, alternator, power distribution fuse box, starter motor, relays, voltage regulators, and various circuits around the vehicle. When jumper cables are utilized to attempt a jump start, you are unintentionally connecting all of these sensitive components to another vehicle's entire electrical system. The hosting vehicle may be operating at completely different or even harmful voltage levels and operating specifications than yours. Both vehicles are designed to operate based on the specific configuration of their individual systems and are not intentionally designed to attempt to connect other vehicle's electrical systems, especially while attempting to maintain its' own. In result, jumper cables can oftentimes result in an electrical overload resulting in damage to either vehicle, a failed jump start attempt, or even an electrical fire. 

  • Your vehicle's battery is difficult to access.

Our professional technicians can service your vehicle wherever it is parked or positioned. When you request a battery jump start service from us, you do not need to attempt to move or push your vehicle out of its' current positioning. 

  • Your vehicle is very slow to start up.

Slow starting vehicles may be a sign that your battery is not putting out sufficient power to successfully engage all components and may be beginning to fail. You can request a jump start service to provide additional power to your cars starting system and ensure that the vehicle powers on successfully.  

  • You left your lights or other accessories on and may have accidentally drained the car's battery supply.

Your cars' battery constantly holds a charge even when the car is not running. When you accidentally leave lights or accessories on and your battery becomes drained, do not be alarmed. After a professional jump start service, your vehicle's charging system will replenish your drained battery as long as the engine is running. We encourage you to let your car run approximately 15 to 20 minutes after we jump start your vehicle, so that your car's charging system can successfully do it's job.

  • Your car has not been driven for a while leading to the battery becoming dead, depleted, or discharged. 

Your cars battery supply is constantly being used up, even when your car is powered off. That's why when you open up your car door, the interior lights are able to turn on without the need for the key to be in the ignition. Now there's an important part in your car's charging system called the "alternator." Essentially, your car's alternator provides your vehicle with supplemental voltage while the car is running and replenishes your cars battery, only when your car is powered on and running. The alternator receives it's energy from your car's engine, so if you haven't driven your car in a while, your alternator hasn't been running and will lead to your car's battery becoming completely dead or below the voltage needed to start the car on it's own. This is because your battery has been putting out power like it's supposed to do, but hasn't been receiving the normal replenishment it is used to getting from the alternator. If you need a battery jump service due to your car being off for a while, we recommend allowing the vehicle to run for up to twenty minutes, so your car's alternator can begin regenerating power and successfully replenish your battery's voltage. 

  • Your vehicle or car battery appears to be emitting a rotten egg smell. 

Battery's are made up primarily of a sulfuric acid and water solution. When you begin to smell rotten eggs accompanied with other signs, it's a possibility that your car's battery is the culprit. The smell of rotten eggs is likely the result of leaking sulfur gases coming from the dead battery (this is the same type of gas that's in your farts.) This smell can become strong enough to be smelled while driving or even from a distance.

  • You're unsure of what's causing your car not to start and would like to know if the battery or minor electrical system components may be playing a part in the issue. 

Car battery issues should be handled by a professional. Not only are we America's first battery jump start company, but we also have the best and most knowledgeable battery jump start technicians in the United States. 

  • You need a new car battery delivered or installed. 

Our car batteries are backed by nationwide warranties and provide you with peace of mind without taking a piece of your pocket.