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Florida State University - Campus Roadside Program

All fees for the FSU Campus Roadside program will be waived and free of charge to motorists until Friday, July 8, 2019. 

Through our campus roadside program, FSU faculty, staff, and students have direct access to affordable and convenient emergency locksmith and roadside services while on campus.

For most insurance, warranty, and towing memberships, customers are only allowed a total of 3 to 4 service calls a year, before you’re charged a hefty out of pocket fee; oftentimes more than the membership itself! Our program is designed to help students, faculty, and staff get quick and affordable everyday services on campus, at no membership obligations, saving students and faculty time, money, and their valuable annual towing occurrences! #SaveTheMembershipForARainyDay #JustJump

Customers can pay at the time of service with cash, card, or cash app. Alternatively, customers who have roadside service through their insurance company and prefer to utilize the convenience of the Campus Roadside program, may be able to have their insurance company billed directly. Always remember to keep your receipt for reimbursements!

Give us a call the next time you need a jump start, car door unlocking, gas delivery, or flat tire change.

Note: Just Jump LLC is an independent company and a contracted partner of Florida State University. By accepting services under our Florida State Operating Agreement, you agree to release indemnify and hold harmless Florida State University and the board of trustees, and its employees/agents, from liability for any claims or damages of any kind that may arise from any services performed by Just Jump LLC, even if caused by the negligence of Just Jump LLC, its employees or agents.